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GraphEnvelope_250PLCWW are mail efficiency experts providing expertise on managing mailrooms, delivery offices, mail centres, distribution fleets, engineering workshops, sales forces, call centres, hub and spoke systems, collection routing and automation optimisation.

All these areas are important to a distribution company but each can be fine tuned to deliver efficiency and profit. We have individuals or teams that have worked in all these areas (and more).

We know how many companies have improved efficiency. We know the options available and we have experienced managers and industrial engineers who can deliver results.

Efficiency means cost and quality and we have developed considerable experience at not only designing mail processes but also in establishing internal and external quality of service measuring systems so quality and cost combine to deliver consistent value for money.

For regulators we can provide a wider company perspective on efficiency by assessing the whole operation. We have been a supplier to the UK regulator Postcomm for over 5 years.

We have a proven track record of improving mails efficiency for clients both in delivering lower costs but also in delivering improved service quality.

Logistics Consultants

PLCWW are logistics consultants based upon the extensive experience of our Directors and Associates. Market Assessments; strategy and planning assignments; partner identification and acquisition; warehousing; distribution, customer acquisition and retention are just some of the areas where we excel.

While we can assess the status quo and understand business needs we also develop plans to help major and smaller businesses improve their supply chains. Practical and intellectual skills are an essential part of our offering.

Our experience across the mail, courier and parcel markets means we can provide a unique blend of skills that will be of particular relevance to e-fulfilment and home shopping businesses.

Engineers and Technical Experts

PLCWW train Staff to take the Ongoing Support needed to Keep the Wheels Turning

E-comms_250New pieces of machinery need to be ‘set up’ to operate in your environment and with second hand items, manufacturer support might not be readily available.

The building environment needs to be ideal to let machines get on with the job.

Qualified engineers provide bespoke support to get machines up and running and delivering efficient service.

We also train staff to take on the ongoing support needed to keep the wheels turning, give support in the procurement of the appropriate machinery and in machine rectification.

Network design and transport infrastructure co-ordination (road, rail air and sea) are strong assets within our team. We have a track record of delivering significant quality improvements and cost reductions in the transport infrastructure of postal operators

Technical experts are also available in PAF, RFID, GIS, GPS, OCR, Vehicle Optimization Software, Building Environments, Routing Optimization and Electronic Mail Production.

For further information about mail efficiency, please contact us.

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  • The End of 1st Class

    Several European Postal administrations are starting to review the future of their mail services in light of continuing falling mail volumes.  Denmark has already announced it will cease 1st class mail and Saturday deliveries. While Direct Mail appears to be enjoying something of a resurgence and packet volumes continue to grow postal authorities are faced with a dilemma.  Insufficient 1st class volumes to justify the network costs but an E-commerce marketplace that increasingly wants items delivered with speed.  With TNT exiting from the final mile mail delivery market and Royal Mail loosing share in the crucial E-commerce market will we see a major change to the basic 1st/2nd service specification in the UK?

  • PLCWW helps businesses go digital

    After 12 years successfully supporting businesses manage their postal operations we now spend more of our time supporting the same businesses move to digital media.  More specifically to integrate their postal operation with their digital communications systems.  Recent work with local authoroties have shown how significant savings can be made even though physical and digital communications systems have to run side by side.

    The opportunities in the Uk and Europe for businesses to integrate physical and digital is significant and those that went totally digital are now moving to redevelope physical mail in a controlled way.  Recent volume data form UK and european postal administrations suggests the decline in post is flattening as companies look for ways to appeal to consumers who have sophisticated digital systems that make selling on line more difficult.

  • Intelligent Barcodes or tracking your mail…

    Want to know where your mail item is in the mail delivery system, well now you can. Later this year Mailmark will use intelligent barcodes to effectively track mail and report where it is in the mail system.

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