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GettingMail_250We have rethought postal procurement. Mail buying solutions now involve a complex decision process, that goes beyond a weight and format commodity. With 50+ UK Postal Operators, offering an increasing range of postal services, and around 200 packet and parcel companies with hundreds of product options means you need to know the market to procure effectively.

With contracts usually lasting for 3-5 years it’s difficult to be an informed buyer in the market place.

PLCWW know the operators in the market place and have buyers who know how the market place is changing. We can support and inform your buying professional or negotiate the contracts for you.

Finding a mail and parcel distributor is a key part in the communications process but the real savings and benefits come from analyzing what communications you need to make and choosing the most effective electronic or physical communications process whether it be Internet, Email, SMS, Leaflet, Newsletter, Magazine, Direct Mail, Business Letter or even the simple Postcard.

We know how to assess communications needs and choose the appropriate medium and we know how to choose agencies and mailing houses to produce your physical communications pieces.

We know the UK Mail and Parcels Market, International Mailing Options and also the challenges of procuring Mail Production Overseas.

We are professionals in Postal Audits and with a combined focus on production, preparation and distribution we ensure you get real value for money. You can buy support for your in-house staff or employ us to deliver the total operation.

We know how to deliver market studies assess the value of outsourcing and can provide Mailroom Certification. All this in a changing postal environment where lean focussed procurement looks to the next age for mail. (also see section on Procurement).

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  • The End of 1st Class

    Several European Postal administrations are starting to review the future of their mail services in light of continuing falling mail volumes.  Denmark has already announced it will cease 1st class mail and Saturday deliveries. While Direct Mail appears to be enjoying something of a resurgence and packet volumes continue to grow postal authorities are faced with a dilemma.  Insufficient 1st class volumes to justify the network costs but an E-commerce marketplace that increasingly wants items delivered with speed.  With TNT exiting from the final mile mail delivery market and Royal Mail loosing share in the crucial E-commerce market will we see a major change to the basic 1st/2nd service specification in the UK?

  • PLCWW helps businesses go digital

    After 12 years successfully supporting businesses manage their postal operations we now spend more of our time supporting the same businesses move to digital media.  More specifically to integrate their postal operation with their digital communications systems.  Recent work with local authoroties have shown how significant savings can be made even though physical and digital communications systems have to run side by side.

    The opportunities in the Uk and Europe for businesses to integrate physical and digital is significant and those that went totally digital are now moving to redevelope physical mail in a controlled way.  Recent volume data form UK and european postal administrations suggests the decline in post is flattening as companies look for ways to appeal to consumers who have sophisticated digital systems that make selling on line more difficult.

  • Intelligent Barcodes or tracking your mail…

    Want to know where your mail item is in the mail delivery system, well now you can. Later this year Mailmark will use intelligent barcodes to effectively track mail and report where it is in the mail system.

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