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Customer Fulfilment is the ability of a company to effectively deliver their goods or services into the hands of consumers. The changing ways of buying goods, especially with the significant increases in e-commerce, has increased the need for this function to be done well. Memories of ordering goods and waiting for 28 days are now largely that- just memories. Internet-based companies have been a driving force in changing customer fulfilment strategies as these businesses often do not have their own physical warehouses for holding goods. A clear strategy is needed for fulfilling a customer’s order in full and within their time based expectations.

We are conversant with specialised fulfilment businesses who typically work with companies who lack resources for physically holding goods.

We provide consultants and advisors who have driven developments in customer fulfilment and can design and evolve fulfilment operations to match the changes in your product offerings and service provision. Email us with your problem, see how we can help.

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  • The End of 1st Class

    Several European Postal administrations are starting to review the future of their mail services in light of continuing falling mail volumes.  Denmark has already announced it will cease 1st class mail and Saturday deliveries. While Direct Mail appears to be enjoying something of a resurgence and packet volumes continue to grow postal authorities are faced with a dilemma.  Insufficient 1st class volumes to justify the network costs but an E-commerce marketplace that increasingly wants items delivered with speed.  With TNT exiting from the final mile mail delivery market and Royal Mail loosing share in the crucial E-commerce market will we see a major change to the basic 1st/2nd service specification in the UK?

  • PLCWW helps businesses go digital

    After 12 years successfully supporting businesses manage their postal operations we now spend more of our time supporting the same businesses move to digital media.  More specifically to integrate their postal operation with their digital communications systems.  Recent work with local authoroties have shown how significant savings can be made even though physical and digital communications systems have to run side by side.

    The opportunities in the Uk and Europe for businesses to integrate physical and digital is significant and those that went totally digital are now moving to redevelope physical mail in a controlled way.  Recent volume data form UK and european postal administrations suggests the decline in post is flattening as companies look for ways to appeal to consumers who have sophisticated digital systems that make selling on line more difficult.

  • Intelligent Barcodes or tracking your mail…

    Want to know where your mail item is in the mail delivery system, well now you can. Later this year Mailmark will use intelligent barcodes to effectively track mail and report where it is in the mail system.

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